The World of Addiction – Struggle for Recovery

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Following is a free verse poem written by an ASAC patient, Josh M.


At a loss for words but no loss of swirling thoughts in my mind
These feelings drive me mad and have me on the edge of breaking
The red darkness is consuming and I fear its overtaking
Got to let this beast out so it don’t eat me inside out
Ease the knot in my throat and let the air of life flow
My blood is boiling hot and my palms sweat profusely
This blindness is so blinding the light of God can’t shine through
Mouth dry as the desert I struggle to swallow saliva
Kill uneasiness and bless me with peace to silence demons
Golden rays of sunlight fade into the blackness of night
Choking and gasping reaching and grasping to find only nothing
Fleeing reality for only short periods of time worsens me
Finger points in my face repeating to me what a disgrace
Hopelessness overtakes so I crawl and hide in the corner
Shaking violently I convulse and shiver quietly
Flooding over and spilling all about blocking all passages
Is there no end to all the beginnings and all time lost
Take this from me and move around my world
Cold and dead I beg and plead keep this dread