What’s Binge Drinking have to do with October?

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By: Lindsey Ungs, Certified Prevention Specialist

Simply said, heavy or binge drinking can increase your risk of breast cancer. What is binge drinking? For women, binge drinking is consuming four or more drinks in a sitting, with a drink described as a 12 ounce beer, 4-5 ounce glass of wine, or 1.25 ounces of liquor.

With October being breast cancer awareness month, it seems a great time to point out that heavy drinking can impact women negatively.  Studies have shown that even more than one drink per day is likely to increase your risk for breast cancer.  Other studies have shown even small amounts can show some increased risk.  Women having three to six drinks a week have shown to have a 15% higher risk for breast cancer than women who don’t drink alcohol, and those having more than 30 drinks per week had an increased jump closer of 50% compared to those who do not consume alcohol.  There is cause for concern given more recent studies looking at college aged women.  In a recent Harvard study, college aged women were more likely than their male peers to drink more than the recommended governmental guidelines.

Although studies have not yet found the exact culprit of these strong correlations, it is never too early to discuss the health risks involving binge drinking with the females in your life.  Let’s use this month to inform everyone on one more way to prevent this horrible disease.