Youth Outpatient


ASAC offers a thorough evaluation of a youth’s use of substances to determine if treatment is warranted, and if it is, at what level of intensity; outpatient or residential. We ensure that each adolescent is placed in the most appropriate, cost-effective treatment level. All information gathered is held in strict confidence.

Extended outpatient treatment is self-paced and patients participate for varying lengths of time based on individual needs and assessment recommendations. Group meetings are available at different times and locations during the week.. Individual treatment sessions are also available and family group meetings are encouraged. In addition aftercare/continuing care services are also available after a patient completes their outpatient program.

Through school contracts and insurance or other third party payments, there is usually no out of pocket expense for students referred to ASAC by an area school for assessment and outpatient treatment.

Parents can also refer their child for a substance abuse assessment. This can either be at the child’s school or at an ASAC office.

Services We Provide

Family Involvement

Family involvement is an important part of an adolescent’s treatment. Family members are encouraged to participate in the initial assessment, family group, and other support services.

For More Information

What are the signs of substance abuse? How do I go about getting help for myself or a loved one? How can I pay for treatment? Get answers to these questions and more. Or contact ASAC’s Youth Services Director at (319) 390-4611.

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