Hightower Place

ASAC’s Hightower Place component provides 24-hour supervision and substance abuse treatment services to women 18 years of age and older and for their children. The Hightower Place Component does maintain a waiting list for services and in most cases the next admission will be given to the person who has been waiting the longest, however, priority will be given to intravenous drug users and those who may injure themselves or others as a results of their actions or neglect.


Services We Provide

  • Intensive Outpatient with Housing
  • Halfway House Treatment
  • Support to learn independent living skills
  • Coordinated mental health counseling

Admission Criteria

To be admitted to Hightower Place, an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) assessment and insurance pre-authorization. A candidate that has substance use disorder that has significantly affected other areas of their life and a structured living environment is needed. Potential patients must also exhibit a willingness to participate in the treatment planning process and work toward established goals to change their life.

What to Bring

Clothing for a week or so, (including exercise clothing but no tank tops ), tennis shoes, swim suit, a 30+ day supply of prescription medications (must be in original bottle with physician orders on them), personal toiletry items, driver’s license or photo ID and a copy of your insurance, if applicable. You may also bring your own pillow (all other bedding provided), money for snack machines (less than $50), AA/NA reading materials, small personal items such as photos, laundry basket or bag.

You may NOT bring knives, straight razors or other weapons, illegal drugs or alcohol, non-prescribed medications, food or beverages of any kind, or pets. ASAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The first 7 days at Hightower Place, patients are restricted from cell phones, TV’s, iPods, and laptops. Then according to patient’s progress and compliance they regain these items.

Family Involvement

Hightower Place treatment programs incorporate weekly multi-family group sessions as needed and Saturday and Sunday visits. Family involvement in the treatment and recovery process has been a proven way to encourage and support a successful recovery.

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Contact ASAC’s Hightower Place Program Manager at (563) 242-2042 or email us at info@asac.us.

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