The 2018 Pacesetter Youth Camp visits ASAC!

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The Pacesetter Youth Camp is affiliated with United Way of East Central Iowa and is comprised of a handful of middle-schoolers, ages 10 through 14. Led by strong community advocates and leaders (including TrueNorth’s VP of Human Resources), Pacesetters aspire to expose needs in the community and teach the next generation how to invest. Pacesetter leaders have reached out on behalf of the campers to create opportunities to network, cultivate lasting friendships, and develop strong leadership skills.

ASAC’s CD+ program participated in a presentation to United Way Pacesetters campers on June 27, 2018. Two of our CD+ patients shared their story of substance use disorder and the recovery process that they have gone through so far. They gave insight on what recovery is like at ASAC and how it has affected their lives.

Each kid was shared what a day in the life of a teen in treatment is like. ASAC gave the kids a tour of the facility and what the living quarters are like for our CD+ patients

The Pacesetter campers generously donated towels, school supplies, movies, coloring books, markers and notebooks to the unit. This was a wonderful act of kindness and such a valuable donation we received. The Pacesetter Youth Camp sent ASAC a postcard, reading:

“Cheri Dugan,

Thank you for taking time out of your day to show us around ASAC. It was an experience we will never forget. The stories shared by the teens will forever impact us. Best of luck to the teens in the program.

Pacesetter Youth Camp”

ASAC is so grateful to have had Patti Seda and all of the Pacesetters campers. Thank you so much!