Linn County Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing Update

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By Amy Doerrfeld, Certified Prevention Specialist

During the past five years, ASAC Prevention has had the opportunity to work with landlords/property managers to provide education and assistance with implementing smoke-free policies.  Any property that meets the requirements has the opportunity to be included in the newly redesigned website where people can search for smoke-free housing in the state at

The response from landlords/property managers continues to be very positive.  Most of them understand the benefits and most residents prefer it as well.  So far this year, three more Linn County properties have implemented policies.  These include 10th Street Brickstones (Hatch Development, LLC), Ellis Commons (Newbo Development Group, LLC), and Village Lofts (Kingston Lofts, LLC).   This now makes a total of 23 smoke-free properties in Linn County.

These community champions, and all previous ones who have implemented policies, are making a great impact on protecting the health and safety of our community!