Providing Mental Health Services to CD+ Patients

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Starting in November, ASAC partnered with Foundation 2 in order to offer and expand mental health services for patients served in the CD+ youth residential program. Access to mental health treatment for teens is a growing concern in this community and around the state. Many of our patients come to CD+ with untreated, undertreated or undiagnosed mental health conditions. Often times untreated mental health conditions and trauma issues are displayed by our youth through inappropriate and self-harming behaviors including excessive substance use/abuse, defiance, criminal behavior, and an inability to self-regulate and demonstrate pro-social behaviors.  Often times the underlying issue is depression, anxiety and ADHD.  Without adequate assessment, diagnosis and treatment of these issues, many youth will struggle with the cognitive-behavioral approach to the treatment process.

Kristen O’Conner-Sherrets, MA, LMHC, NCC, is our Foundation 2 therapist. She is currently seeing patients at CD+ one day per week. Having the opportunity for therapy services on-site at CD+ allows patients seek mental health services without having to step foot outside our facility. Kristen is a great addition to our holistic approach to therapy.