Holiday Donations Have a Positive Impact

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This past Christmas season staff, community members, businesses and organizations helped make the holidays brighter for patients in our residential programs. We would like to thank:

Businesses and Organizations: Toyota Financial, IBEW #405, Allergy Partners, and Clinton Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thank YouCommunity Members: Laci Lower, Erin Pottebaum, Caren Shank, Kate Evans, Jeff Gallow, and Audrey Bradford.

ASAC Staff: Ed Laub, Laurel Merrick, Stephanie Boesenberg, Candace Seitz, Judy Keesey,  Bobbi Hehlke, Wanette Mollenhauer, Susan Wolever, Gabe Gluba, Connie McCubbin, Diana Jackson, Mary Beth Bousman, Debbie Kroeger, Lynne Peterson, Kathy Corbett, Erin Foster, Denise Bridges, Wanda Mokrey Sellers and Mindy Abbott-Stratton.

Below are a few comments from our residential patients in thanks for the donations:

“I know that the meaning of Christmas to me is presence not presents, but to my 3 year old she was so happy to have a sober mommy and a few educational gifts.”

“Thank you for the kindness and generosity that you showed during the hardest time of year for most of us. This year, because of you I was able to buy my boys exactly what they wanted for Christmas. As a single mom in early recovery, it filled my heart with so much love to know that there are still kind, loving, caring and generous people in this world. It showed me that life is worth getting sober for and to be proud of! “

“Thank you for the gifts and donations. It impacted my son and me for Christmas because we were able to open presents together and share the moment and make a memory.”

“Your generous gift donation meant so much. It made me realize that the world is not against me and that there are people who care. We as addicts are often overlooked or are looked at as a waste and you have done the opposite. Thank you again for your caring heart and generosity.”

“Thank you so much! Being here for the holidays has been very difficult for me. It was so amazing to be able to buy gifts for my boys. It totally changed the course of our holiday. It made me feel so good to be able to pick their gifts, then wrap them and give them to them. It was truly a gift to me to be given some control.”