Pay it Forward

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The Pacesetter Youth Camp is affiliated with United Way of East Central Iowa and is comprised of a handful of middle-schoolers ages 10 – 14.  Led by strong community advocates and leaders, Pacesetters aspire to expose needs in the community and teach the next generation how to invest.  Pacesetter leaders have reached out on behalf of the campers to create opportunities to network, cultivate lasting friendships, and develop strong leadership skills.

During the week-long camp, the young people visit a number of Cedar Rapids nonprofit agencies. For the past several years, ASAC’s youth residential treatment program, CD+, has been on their agenda. On June 8th the middle-schoolers took a tour of the facility and listened to the stories of two of our CD+ residents. Part of the camp experience is that the participants get to take the money they paid to participate in the camp and purchase items for one of the organizations that they visited. The campers selected CD+!

When the campers returned to ASAC to drop off their donation of pillows, school supplies, basketballs and games, they had an awesome story to tell. When they were shopping at Walmart they miscalculated the cost of the items they were buying and were short on funds. The person in line behind them bought seven of the pillows for them to complete their donation!

They were so excited. Someone paid it forward to them.