Partnering for a Healthier Linn County

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ASAC’s Heart of Iowa Mother and Child Recovery Center was recognized by Linn County Public Health as a community partner to build a healthier county at a luncheon held in celebration of National Public Health Week.

Linn County Public Health and Heart of Iowa work together to identify unmet health care needs for the residents at ASAC’s Heart of Iowa program.  Linn County Public Health provides Heart of Iowa’s  women and children with onsite urgent care, free Rapid HIV testing, Hepatitis C testing and Hepatitis vaccinations. In addition, a staff member of Linn County Public Health serves on Heart of Iowa’s Advisory Council which offers guidance to the program.

Receiving the Linn County community partnership certificate on behalf of ASAC’s Heart of Iowa program are Fred Mishler, Patient Support Supervisor, and Wanda Mokry Sellers, Director of Heart of Iowa.