Outpatient Programs

ASAC provides a “whole person” approach to substance abuse treatment. We take into consideration a person’s life circumstances and personal needs. Together, we will develop a treatment plan to address areas of concern that have been identified.

Services We Provide

ASAC provides the following treatment services:

Extended Outpatient

Outpatient treatment is self-paced and clients participate for a period of six to twelve weeks. Most group meetings are held once a week and are designed to meet a variety of needs. These include age, gender, culture, drug of choice and other issues associated with a person’s substance use. Individual counseling sessions are provided as needed.

Intensive Outpatient

The 18-week program is designed to assist those with substance abuse problems that do not require 24-hour care. Our program consists of two phases; in the first phase, individuals meet for three hours, three times per week for approximately ten weeks. Weekly individual counseling sessions are also part of this plan. In phase two, the client moves to a weekly 90-minute group session with individual counseling as needed.

Day Treatment

This level of care is designed to offer a highly structured, intensive treatment to those clients that have a stable living environment that supports recovery however, their illness has progressed to a point that requires constant near-daily treatment intervention.

Aftercare (Continuing Care)

Aftercare provides support to clients who have achieved a recovery lifestyle. This program consists of one continuing care group per week and individual sessions as needed.

As well as our general treatment services, the following special treatment services are available:

Youth Outpatient

These sessions are designed for young people ages 13-18. Youth outpatient services provide assessment, individual, and group treatment services by specially trained counselors who work specifically with adolescents.

Family Counseling

Family therapists provide counseling services to family members and significant others of persons in recovery. Families are encouraged to become involved in a loved one’s recovery process.

Gender-Specific Treatment

Programming for gender specific outpatient counseling services are provided.

Multicultural Treatment

Multicultural treatment is provided for African-Americans and persons of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity who would  benefit from cultural-specific treatment programming. Counseling sessions can be conducted in Spanish. Programming is provided at ASAC’s Downtown Office.

Family Involvement

Family members are encouraged to be a part of counseling sessions. Family support during treatment and recovery helps to build a strong sustainable support system.

Ongoing Support

Outpatient programming helps individuals develop habits around healthy choices and better decisions in their daily lives. After people have achieved a recovery lifestyle, they can participate in after care and other community support groups.

Outpatient Treatment Locations

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