With More Options Comes More Responsibility

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With craft brews continuing to increase in popularity and adults enjoying the tasting and experiencing the different quality and flavors of craft beer, we need to be aware of the potential differences such as alcohol content in craft beer.  In regards to low risk drinking, one standard drink of beer usually is considered to be one with alcohol content close to 5%.  However, craft beers can vary greatly among each type you consume.  The consumer research group, Mintel, found that the average alcohol content in craft beer is 5.9%, but craft beer with over 8% alcohol content has become increasingly popular over the past few years. 

Higher alcohol contents can mean a variety of different outcomes from intoxication at faster rates to being over the legal driving limit with less consumption compared to domestic beers.  If you are one that enjoys the wave of these newer beverages, we ask that you play it safe by knowing the alcohol content and adjusting low risk drinking guidelines appropriately.

For more information please contact the Area Substance abuse Council at prevention@asac.us.

By: Lindsey Elam, Certified Prevention Specialist

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