Main Office Wait List Procedure



The Wait List will be utilized for clients who have had an ASAC assessment and have a treatment recommendation of EOP, IOP or Residential with an interim of IOP.


After the assessment has been completed the client will be offered one of the following:

  • Open admit slot (if available)
  • Recommendation for referral to another agency that has openings.
  • Orientation Group.
  • If options 1, 2 or 3 are not utilized they will go straight to the Wait List.


If the client completes Orientation group they will either be:

  • Refereed elsewhere
  • Offered an available admit slot (if there are any)
  • Put on the Wait List

NOTE: this information will need to be documented in the clients Orientation DAP note.


If at any time the client is offered an admit slot and they refuse it, their Admit Wait time stops there.


If the client chooses to go on our Wait List, meaning they did not want to be referred to another Tx agency, then we need to document in a Misc. Note that the client was offered a referral elsewhere and they chose to stay on our wait list.


To put a client on the wait list you (this is done ONLY by Directors):

  • Post your Misc Note that you are sending file to file room and email to Data about wait list.
  • Put in the Close file date in the Intake Screen to close the case.
  • Send an email to the Data Department ( and to the file room ( with a subject line of: Waitlist/Sending File.
  • Info to be included in email:
    1. Client ID#
    2. Client First and Last Name
    3. Assessment Date
    4. Orientation Group date, if applicable
  • Data will add the client to the WaitList Database.
  • Send the paper file to the file room to be closed.


To take a client off the waitlist:

When a Director knows their staff has an opening for a new client they will go to the list and find the next available client (do this by sorting the list in ascending order by Assessment date.)  Once you have the table sorted you will need to pay attention to the Notes column to make sure that the client you are going to pull off fits into the schedule that your counselor has open.  Director will record the following in the table:

  • Date assigned in the Assigned Date column
  • Put their name in the Director column

NOTE: when sorting the table to take a name(s) off the list please make sure that there is not anything in the Assigned Date and Director Name fields, if they have something filled in then this client is actually not on the wait list.


Once a client has been taken off of the Wait List:

  • The Counselor will attempt to contact the client to set up an appointment.
  • Open up the client’s ISmart case and post a Misc. Note to document all attempts to locate the client.
    1. If you are able to contact the client and set up a time for them to come in for admission then:
    2. Add the admission appointment info to the Misc. Note started.
    3. Request the file from the file room
    4. If you are NOT able to contact the client or setup an appointment with them then you have two options. With either option you need to post a Misc. Note that explains what you are doing.
      • Put them back on the waiting list by clearing out the information you entered into the Date Assigned and Director columns and close the ISmart case. (This needs to be done by a Director.)
      • OR Close the file completely.

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