Linn County Sleep Out for the Homeless

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To help support the efforts of local homeless shelters and transitional housing programs, the 11th Annual Sleep Out will be held on Saturday October 29th at the Veterans Memorial (Kernel’s Baseball) Stadium in Cedar Rapids. The event will run from 3pm on Saturday to 6am on Sunday.

Linn_County_Sleep_OutASAC knows first-hand the issue of homelessness. Many of our patients are dealing with housing issues and have been or are homeless. Our Recovery Center and Heart of Iowa halfway house programs provide important transitional housing services to individuals and families in early recovery.

Please support the event by either sleeping out and experiencing what is it like to be homeless or making a donation to ASAC’s Team. Funds raised will be distributed among the homeless providers in Linn County; of which ASAC is one with our Recovery Center Halfway House and Heart of Iowa Halfway House programs providing transitional housing.

There are many activities at the Sleep Out including a movie on the Kernel’s big screen, a homeless simulation, a silent auction, a Trunk or Treat, and soup, snacks and beverages.

For more information, visit the Sleep Out website.