It was Magical

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The IBM RING 327 Magic Show Charity event for ASAC’s Heart of Iowa program was a HUGE success. The magicians stunned and awed the 130 men, women and children in the audience with many wondering “how did they do that?”

Besides offering a fun, family-friendly event, the magic show generated over $1000 for Heart of Iowa. More importantly the show informed those in attendance of the magic of recovery that ASAC provides.  Fred Mishler, one of the magicians in addition to being an ASAC employee, gave the following comments at the end of his act:

“We magicians are NOT going to tell you how our illusions work, but they are just illusions. Instead, I would like to bring awareness to some real magic happening in our communities every day. When someone addicted to drugs or alcohol changes basically everything about their lives so they can overcome the addiction; that is a miracle. When ASAC clients heal from their addictions; that is a miracle. When the family of the addict heals from the addiction; that is a miracle. ASAC is working to nurture these miracles every day in communities all over eastern Iowa. ”

Thank you to the magicians of IBM Ring 327 for sharing their time and talents, to Cedar Valley Bible Church and School for the use of their wonderful auditorium, and to those who bought tickets and or donated to the event so we can continue to Do Magic!