Help Us, Help Them

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By: Lindsey Elam, Certified Prevention Specialist

Increasing awareness about products and trends may seem like a relatively easy thing to do, but in today’s society it is actually quite difficult to keep up with that ever changing world. Although sitting and discussing up to date information with friends and the community sounds great, we all know how the hustle and bustle of our busy lives can lead us in many other directions. So this new year, let’s join together and think creatively what the best way to get this information out would be.  We all have our connections throughout the community and groups we belong to.  Is one of these groups the best place to share ideas on how to keep our communities healthy and safe?  ASAC Prevention Specialist would be more than happy to set up an opportunity to help build awareness and support of our prevention and treatment services. Whether it’s discussing on the ever increasing youth trend of electronic smoking device use or would you as an adult know what to look for in their kids’ bedroom or backpack that may be suspicious?  We would all like to think that it won’t be my kid, but knowledge is power and being prepared is even better.

Don’t have kids that this may pertain to?   We often underestimate the impact that grandparents, coworkers or friends can have on one another.  You never know when this information might help someone.  If you would like to help us set up opportunities with community groups or others, please contact ASAC prevention at 319-390-1884.