Heart of Iowa Food Pantry Receives Funding

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The Anthem Foundation awarded ASAC a $5,650 grant for the Heart of Iowa Food Pantry.

At Heart of Iowa the families live in on-site apartments.  Due to the large amount of treatment programming, we provide week-day noon and evening meals for the families. The moms are, however, responsible for making their family’s daily breakfasts and week-end meals.

Food Pantry pixAt program entry, if a patient does not have the financial means to purchase food for the meals not provided by ASAC, they are given a food box through the Heart of Iowa Food Panty. The food boxes are very important to the families. They remove a concern that the mom will not be able to feed her family. Meeting this need allows the patient to concentrate on her recovery knowing that food is available until she receives SNAP/food stamp benefits. Having an on-site food pantry also allows our patients to obtain emergency food without taking time away from their treatment programming to access community food banks.

ASAC relies on grants, cash and food donations to support the Heart of Iowa Food Pantry. We thank the Anthem Foundation for their support.