Guiding Youth to Resiliancy

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By: Kelly Schmidt, ASAC Certified Prevention Specialist

Kids face many difficult situations and choices while growing up.  It’s often hard for them to know how to protect themselves from peer pressure and from issues they might be faced with at home and throughout society.  Sometimes when life gets tough and they don’t know what to do or how to handle things, they turn to drugs to fit in or to escape their reality.  Prevention is key in regards to substance abuse.  The best time to intervene and reach someone is early in life so they can learn coping skills and life skills that will help them through the adversity and challenges they might be faced with.  We at ASAC work with kids at schools and transitional settings to help them learn to handle the challenges they face.  One way we do this is by facilitating small support groups using a research based curriculum known as CBSG or Curriculum Based Support Group.  This curriculum has 10 lessons with an option for 2 additional lessons and is used for kids as young as 4 up to 17 years old.  Each lesson has a theme with an activity that relates to building resiliency but also allows time for sharing and discussion.  We have had positive responses from the kids in our groups and from the staff that support these kids.  We have great relationships building with schools and youth serving organizations and we hope to continue for many years to come.

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