ASAC Offices Impacted by the Flood

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Three of ASAC’s offices were displaced by recent flood events. Our Benton County office was closed on Monday, September 26 due to difficulty accessing the office. Our Downtown Office, located in the evacuation area, was closed the entire last week of September. The counselors located in this office worked out of our East Office and ASAC’s Main Campus although most of their clients, due to transportation issues, could not access treatment services. The program most impacted, however, was ASAC’s Heart of Iowa Mother and Child Recovery Center.

In 2008 Heart of Iowa experienced major flooding. In anticipation of a similar situation, we relocated Heart of Iowa families on Saturday, September 24. Camp Courageous generously provided a bus to transport the women and children to the Methodist Church Camp at Picture Rocks County Park near Monticello. Although the street was flooded and water crept into the parking lot, none of the buildings received damage so the families returned to Heart of Iowa on Thursday, the 29th.

Although being evacuated was traumatic for the families, their time at Camp actually became a positive experience. Juliene McNally, Heart of Iowa Assistant Director, conducted a group session prior to their departure from Picture Rocks Camp to allow the women to share their thoughts on the evacuation and their time at Camp.  Many of the patients expressed that they were scared as they left Cedar Rapids but that they knew ASAC would do their best to take care of their needs while displaced.  Several patients also shared that they used to go camping and on hikes as kids and being at Pictured Rocks Camp rekindled that activity for them and that they now want to instill that love of nature in their own children.