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A Teen’s Story of Recovery

Annually, ASAC’s youth residential treatment program serves 120 teens ages 13-18. CD+ changes the lives of these youth. Following is one patient’s story:

I am 16 years old and I have been at CD+ since Nov 1, 2016.  I am due to graduate from the program in the next week. I have gained so much being at CD+. I have been clean for 90 days.  I had a relapse early in my treatment and was angry and resentful for the first few weeks of my stay. Staff were patient and supportive of me and this helped me recover from my relapse and accept my placement in the program.

Since that time, I have not had any other use and my behaviors and attitude greatly improved. What I have gained from being at CD+ is consistency in my behaviors and my behaviors are much improved. I enjoy treatment; the groups and individual sessions. I am helpful with staff and peers. I am working on my assignments and learning a lot about myself and my recovery.  CD+ has helped me deal with my addiction and I also learned how to deal with what people may think about me when I am not using. I have learned so many good things from treatment like controlling my anger, learning better thought processes, and learning to leave old friends behind.  I don’t want to use drugs anymore. I take ownership and accountability for what I have done and I have worked very hard to build better relationships with his family. I have gained back my emotions while being at CD+ and it feels good. I have gained control over what I truly want to do with my life and I have goals that I want to accomplish.  It is because of being at CD+ that I am able to feel success and I have a future waiting for me.

Drop the Dip

By: Amy Doerrfeld, ASAC Certified Prevention Specialist

Are you or a loved one ready to “Drop the Dip” in 2017?  This year, The Great American Spit Out is on February 23. It is an annual challenge to anyone who uses smokeless tobacco to quit for one day or better yet, for good.  Those who take the challenge are taking an important step towards a healthier life.  This initiative raises awareness about the dangers associated with smokeless tobacco and the importance of quitting. Smokeless tobacco includes chew, spit, dip, snuff, snus, and many dissolvable products. In comparison to cigarettes, they are often overlooked as dangerous.  The reality is that there are many cancer causing agents found in these products and account for cancers of the mouth, tongue, cheek, throat, esophagus, stomach and pancreas. In addition, there are many other negative health outcomes that can occur, like heart disease, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Quitline IowaAnyone ready to take the challenge doesn’t have to do it alone. They have the opportunity to take advantage of Quitline Iowa; a FREE, statewide toll-free telephone coaching service. To learn more about their services or to enroll into their program, visit www.quitlineiowa.org or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.  Encourage those you know and love to quit because it is possible to “Drop the Dip!”

Celebrating 5 Years

Join us to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Clinton Human Service Campus; ASAC’s offices for our Clinton prevention and outpatient treatment services.

Clinton Human Services BuildingWhen: Friday, March 3rd, 2017
Where: 250 20th Avenue North, Clinton
Time: Noon to 1:00pm in the Gym

Cake and refreshments will be served.

Questions: Contact Gabe Gluba Director of Clinton/Jackson Clinical Services at 563-243-2124 or by email at ggluba@asac.us

Addressing Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

ASAC’s Clinton and Jackson outpatient offices and Hightower Place, our Clinton halfway house program for women and women with children, are participating in an Integrative Services Project (ISP) grant with Family Resources (SafePath Survivor Resources).

The ISP is the result of a 1997 initial research study on the relationships between women’s experiences of partner violence and substance abuse in nine domestic violence/sexual assault programs and seven substance abuse agencies across eastern Iowa.  The purpose of the project is to enhance the safety and sobriety of substance abusing battered women by ending discrimination in service provision. Since 2001, ISP has worked with 34 agencies across Iowa. These agencies cover services for 71 of Iowa’s 99 Counties. ASAC has participated in ISP in Linn County since 2002 with our Heart of Iowa program and Waypoint.

The ISP process consists of:

  • Education: Basic education of substance abuse and domestic violence provided by the partner agency to the other on their field of expertise
  • Collaboration: Planning committee meetings with 3-5 staff made up of both substance abuse and domestic violence service providers
  • Integration: Two brand new services specific to victims with substance abuse issues.

Under ISP, services must be running for at least 6 months prior to grant end and serve a minimum of 50 women. Currently ASAC and Family Resources have provided integrated services to 40 unduplicated patients between Clinton and Jackson Counties.

Our involvement in the ISP has helped us to more effectively connect patients who have experienced domestic abuse related issues with the appropriate community resources and services providers. This allows the patient to increase their support network and work on their recovery from a holistic approach. Just as other services in the behavioral health field that are constantly changing, this involvement in the ISP and the partnership with SafePath Survivor Resources of Family Resources has helped ASAC staff become aware of new information and evidence based practices in the area of domestic abuse services.

Anamosa’s Fareway Store Recognized

The Area Substance Abuse Council, in collaboration with the Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition, extends its appreciation of Anamosa’s Fareway grocery store on its proactive approach to preventing underage drinking and its commitment to responsible service.

FarewayFareway’s new Anamosa store is going above and beyond Iowa law and regulations by requiring all clerks under the age of 18 years to obtain management approval prior to an alcohol sale, mandating the checking of identifications for persons appearing below 40 years of age, and requiring alcohol service training. Fareway also has all staff aged 18 and above complete the online I-PACT training offered by Iowa’s Alcohol Beverages Division. Such training, done freely and online, reinforces the proper way to examine identification, raises awareness of the liability concerns involved, and provides much needed education on the rules and regulations regarding alcohol sales. This, combined with its strong policies, help to foster a culture that is not only oriented toward customer service, but also social responsibility.

Pictured is Bryan Buchett (on the left), Manager of the Anamosa Fareway, who is holding the Business Recognition Award that Jeff Meyers (on the right), ASAC Prevention Specialist, presented to him on behalf of the Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition.

ASAC’s Prevention Services work closely with businesses on policies such as these as a way to tangibly deter underage drinking while promoting an environment where responsibility is an overriding concern. Businesses like Fareway can have a powerful effect by both setting an example and spearheading needed change. Through prevention efforts such as these ASAC hopes to have more partners in the business community who take similar proactive steps in stopping underage drinking and promoting responsible alcohol service.

Birdies for ASAC

Ian JohnsonIan Johnston, a sophomore golfer at Prairie High School, is conducting a fundraiser for ASAC. Ian lost his older brother, Seth, to substance abuse and wants to help bring recovery and hope to those struggling with addiction.

His goal is to raise $5,000.  There are two ways to contribute:

  • You can make a one-time donation and your credit card will be charged
  • Or, you can pledge a specific amount for every birdie or eagle Ian makes.

If you would like to send a check, please write the check to the American Junior Golf Association and make sure to include Ian’s name in the memo section. Please mail to:

AJGA – Leadership Links
1980 Sports Club Drive
Braselton, GA 30517

Please visit Ian’s webpage at www.ijohnstongolf.com to make a donation, learn more about his fundraiser, and to watch Ian’s video.  We will keep you posted on Ian’s birdie count and his fundraising throughout his golf season.

Linens Needed

ASAC’s has five residential treatment programs that together serve 120 patients each and every day. We provide towels and bedding for each of our patients. Donations are currently needed to help furnish these essential items.  Specifically we are seeking new and gently used:

LinensTwin sheets
Twin blankets
Twin size comforters/quilts
Wash Cloths
Bath Towels

You may drop off your donated linens at any ASAC office. Your in-kind donation is tax deductible. A tax receipt will be provided.

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