Facility Improvements to the Recovery Center

Grants, VolunteersComments Off on Facility Improvements to the Recovery Center

ASAC’s Recovery Center that houses 32 adult residential and halfway house patients is located in the building that was formerly the Poplar Motel. Grants from a City of Cedar Rapids Community Development Block Grant, Housing Fund of Linn County and the following donor-advised funds from the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation: Gazette Foundation Fund, Bloomhall Family Endowed Fund, Diamond V Mills and World Class Industries renovated a former nonworking kitchen into a patient study area, added a new HVAC system and gutters, and made electrical, window and plumbing improvements to the 14 housing units in addition to new flooring and painting of the rooms.

Former Kitchen Area

Former Kitchen Area

These improvements have made the facility not only more aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, they have improved the function and safety of the building for the patients we serve.

We are grateful to our funders for their financial support and give special thanks to the volunteers who made the conversion of the Recovery Center Kitchen into a study area: Patrick Sudduth, Ron Olson and Bill McFadden.