Community Presentation on Heroin and Prescription Drugs

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The topic of prescription drugs and heroin is a never ending news story nationally and locally.  Prescription drug and heroin abuse cases have inundated our emergency rooms with overdose patients and friends and families are losing their loved ones to a horrible addiction and, in too many cases, death.

rx-heroin-trainingTo help bring this problem to light and discuss what can be done in Linn County, Erin Foster, ASAC’s Linn County Director of Prevention Services, will educate the community on this issue on November 16th at 9:30am in room Beems B at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

Please plan to attend this brief informational session to learn how this epidemic began and to discuss what we can do to help end it. One of the best ways to keep our community healthy from substances is to be informed and to stay as up to date as possible.

This free community educational event is sponsored by the Linn County Coalition for Safe and Healthy Communities and ASAC.