August 2017 ASAC Action Newsletter

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Message from Barb Gay, Executive Director

We have been working for a few months to “tell our story” in a way that helps explain what we do at ASAC and why we do it.  This began with our new logo being created, promoting the strong historical base of our agency and our three core services of prevention, treatment, and recovery.  Next we undertook a strategic planning process during which we updated our agency mission and vision, and added our value statements.  You can read these on the page 1 of our strategic plan, which can be found on our website.  We launched a media campaign, directing friends and family to help those they care about seek out treatment for substance misuse and abuse.  This campaign directed people to a new page on our website page, “Get Help”.

Most recently, we have completed a video project that we are featuring on the home page of our website.  When you visit the site, a composite video of many stories will play, and then you can select to watch the individual videos as well.  I feel this new video does an excellent job of sharing why people should seek treatment or become engaged with ASAC.  The people you will meet through these videos have done just that – they have used ASAC as a resource or have been in one of ASAC’s many programs.

I invite you to watch all of the videos. ASAC was very fortunate to have these wonderful people volunteer to share their stories of hope, and we would appreciate it if you would help us share their messages by encouraging others to watch the videos as well.  As far as telling our story, we aren’t done yet.  We will continue to work on the messages, focused on substance use disorder as a health condition that is treatable.

Hightower Place Brings Families Back Together

“J” was referred to ASAC’s Hightower Place in November 2016. She was pregnant when she came to us, and also had 3 children in foster care. J was scheduled for termination of parental rights within the month of admission into Hightower Place. For several months, she was driving three hours away weekly for visits with her children. She continued her involvement in treatment and recovery support at the Hightower Place despite worry that she would not reunite with her children. After 4 months of stable involvement in the halfway house program, J was reunified with her children, and soon gave birth to a healthy baby boy. J continued to work while in the halfway house program, and was recently promoted to manager position. She has now been accepted into ND Housing, a transitional living program, and obtained her 1 year sobriety chip.

ASAC Prevention Director Presents to Mercy Hospital at Grand Rounds

On Tuesday, August 8th, Erin Foster, Director of Prevention Services for Linn, Benton and Jones Counties presented at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapid’s Grand Rounds Series.  Grand Rounds are used as importance teaching tools of medical education to learn and discuss about topics regarding both prevention and treatment of  medical conditions.  Grand Rounds are attended by local doctors, residents and medical students.

Erin presented to this group on local issues regarding opioids and what role medical providers play in the preventing and treatment of substance use disorders in regards to opioid use.

Pacesetter Camp Visits CD+

The Pacesetter Youth Camp, which is affiliated with United Way of East Central Iowa and comprised of a handful of middle-schoolers ages 10 – 14, recently visited ASAC’s CD+ program. The camp has been coming to ASAC for many years, and is led by strong community advocates and leaders, including TrueNorth’s VP of Human Resources, Patti Seda. The group toured our facility and then listened to 2 of our patients tell their life stories and share their treatment experience and success at CD+. The camp culminates in having the campers/students decide how to best invest their camping dues back into the local community, and they donated their dues to us.  We received 24 pillows, 24 mattress pads, a variety of games, and a 55 inch TV!! We are very thankful for their generosity and support of our program and organization.

Clinton Prevention Leading Youth to Healthy Living

Throughout the school year and this summer Clinton County Prevention Specialists have been introducing a new generation to positive prevention messages. Youth in the Clinton School District’s Student Adventures Program and Clinton YWCA are learning how substances affect the body. They are also building decision-making skills, learning how to control their feelings, and how to stay safe. These sessions help our prevention staff to build relationships with youth they will work with through high school and beyond and they help our local youth on a journey of healthy living.

Heart of Iowa Receives Facility Improvements

ASAC would like to express its appreciation to the Community Development Block Grant, GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation Donor-Advised Fund of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, and Alliant Foundation for their support in making facility improvements at ASAC’s Heart of Iowa program possible. Through these various funding sources, we are able to make several updates including flooring, cribs, playground equipment, and painting. The Heart of Iowa serves hundreds of patients and family members each year, so facility updates continue to be a significant need. These updates would not be possible without the strong support of our community partners. These projects will continue throughout 2017.

Upcoming Community Trainings

ASAC offers training to our community on several topics related to our mission. Training details will be posted at as they become available. To be added to our training announcement email distribution list, please email us at


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