ASAC Staff Acknowledged For Assisting in Overdose Awareness Event

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The opioid epidemic is spreading across the country and has taken countless lives. The numbers continue to grow daily. Iowa has been valiantly battling this crisis, particularly in the prevention world. Many organizations have formed in response to this epidemic.

The Community Resources United to Stop Heroin (CRUSH) of Iowa is a grass roots, community based organization that is focused on helping those who have fallen victim to opioid addiction. CRUSH of Iowa has the mission of educating communities throughout the state and working to prevent further loss of loved ones to substance abuse.

CRUSH of Iowa hosted an Overdose Awareness Event in Cedar Rapids on August 25th in honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, which takes place every year on August 31st. The event had speakers in various stages of recovery, a panel of Q & A, Community Resources, Naloxone Training, and a Walk of Acknowledgement. T-Shirts were made to purchase to go toward the cause. Education and remembrance were provided for those that have passed due to overdose!

CRUSH had an amazing turnout for this event—and it wouldn’t have been possible if our very own, Kayleigh Gauger, Amy Doerrfeld, and Amy Allmandinger hadn’t been a part of the planning committee. The team collaborated with one another to bring their expertise and insights together collectively. Through their hard work and dedication to CRUSH and overdose awareness, this event was a huge success.