ASAC Receives Donation to Prevent Methamphetamine Use

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(CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa) – John and Cindy Sapp, local owners of the Cedar Rapids area Taco Bell restaurants, have donated $50,000 to the Area Substance Abuse Council for methamphetamine prevention programming in Linn County.

“ASAC is grateful for the generosity offered to our community by Mr. and Mrs. Sapp.  Their donation will give us the opportunity to educate our community members, especially parents and educators of teenagers, on the risks associated with the use and portable compact production of methamphetamine.” Barb Gay, ASAC’s Executive Director stated.

In addition, John and Cindy Sapp will be providing financial assistance to any local Taco Bell employee who wishes to seek substance abuse treatment services at ASAC. The agency has established procedures for Taco Bell employees to access this financial support anonymously.

“Drug addiction is a complex disease that has negative consequences for individuals and for society, but quitting often takes more than good intentions and strong will,” said John Sapp, local Taco Bell franchisee. “It is our hope we can provide the assistance and support needed for those in our local community who are motivated to quit drugs, but just need a little help to get there.”

“We greatly appreciate John and Cindy Sapp providing this support for their employees”, said Gay. “By providing financial assistance, they are removing a barrier that many people face in accessing substance abuse treatment services. We applaud them for helping those employees who may be struggling with alcohol or other drugs.”

(Reprint of a May 12, 2016 Press Release)