ASAC Helps Fathers Re-Connect With Their Families

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ASAC ‘s King House is offering a specialized 24/7 Dad group for males. It is designed to empower our patients to live a healthier life, lower ACE scores, and become a better father. The 24/7 Dad group is an evidence-based program that runs on a 12-week group meeting cycle.

24/7 Dad is led by professional staff who have been trained in the 24/7 Dad curriculum. The curriculum covers five characteristics: Self-awareness, caring for self, fathering skills, parenting skills, and relationship skills. Topics discussed include family history, the meaning of being a man, showing and handling feelings, men’s health, communication, the father’s role, discipline, child development, getting involved, co-parenting, and work. Gabe Gluba, ASAC’s Clinical Services Director of the Clinton/Jackson area states, “The 27/7 Dad program allows the individuals who participate re-create a new narrative of life, not only for themselves, but for their families.”

ASAC offers 24/7 Dad recovery services that consists of our halfway and transitional housing programs. Services are from a holistic perspective and take into account the families role in the recovery process. Thus, it is important for fathers in treatment to get connected to specialized services that will support them in being the best fathers they can be. These links are just as important as helping a person link to employment or educational services, as well as medical and mental health services.

“It is not easy dealing with feelings and emotions that come along with recovery,” says Gabe. “However, it allows men to become a better mentor and positive role model. You see, this is not just for biological fathers, but for anyone who identifies as a father figure. I find it to be a remarkable program and think it will be a highly successful one.”


On July 27, the Heart of Iowa held a family education day for adult family members wishing to learn about addiction. It also taught how to help their loved one continue in their recovery journey once they return home from treatment.
During the months of July and August, Young Parents Network will have weekly meetings with HOI patients. They will discuss the importance of fathers being present in their child’s life. Young Parents Network will present material to our patients that help explain and promote the need for male role models in the family unit.
ASAC hired a new residential counselor, Serena Ruth, who recently graduated from Upper Iowa University with a double major: Human Services and Psychology. Welcome Serena!