Alcohol Service Training Proving Useful for Businesses: Expanded Opportunity Available for Volunteers

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By: Jeffrey Meyers, Certified Prevention Specialist

The Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition, in collaboration and partnership with the Area Substance Abuse Council, Jones County Sheriff’s Office, Anamosa Police Department, and the Monticello Police Department, is proud to announce the continued success of the TIPS® (Training in Intervention Procedures) training program. Since the start of the year the program has held six sessions in Jones County, encompassing 44 service workers, with a 100% pass rate and excellent feedback. The training continues to fill the void of alcohol service training for our county and is proving to be a valuable asset to businesses.

An internationally recognized program, TIPS® is designed to educate on the best practices of safe and responsible alcohol service. This is done by teaching fundamental skills needed to prevent intoxication; properly ID customers, eliminate underage drinking, and avoid impaired drivers. Those in the training will learn not only what the law requires, but also how to best incorporate practices and procedures that act to safeguard both the customers and the business. Its emphasis on liability and the minimization of risk is vital to establishments that seek to promote a safe and professional environment, something that all Jones County businesses strive for.

At the completion of the training, trainees take an exam to test their comprehension. Once passed, they receive a three year certification. Businesses that have all staff TIPS® trained may also receive an insurance discount from some dram shop carriers, in addition to the invaluable skills workers are taught. All of this, thanks in a large part to partnerships and community support, is offered for free.

One of the aspects that makes TIPS® such a strong training program is how customized it can be. Classes are offered that are tailored to the convenience store industry, referred to as “off premise” retailers, and also the bar and restaurant industry, referred to as “on premise” sellers. In addition, the Coalition is proud to announce the hosting of a concessions themed training, free and open to the entire public, to be held on Wednesday, June 22nd from 5:00-6:30pm at the Monticello Police Department.  Free pizza and soft drinks will be provided to all participants.

This Concessions training will be geared especially for outdoor vendors and volunteers for events such as the Great Jones County Fair and the J&P Cycles Rally, where alcohol will be served. Often times fairs and other “tent events” rely on the generosity and hard work of volunteers, who may be unaware what their liability is, or how to ensure against underage or binge drinking. This training will fill that need, being tailored specifically for high-volume fast-paced events.

To inquire about training for your business, please contact Jeff Meyers at 319-390-1884 ext. 205 or e-mail  To register for the upcoming Concessions training call the Coalition office at 319-462-5030.