A Story of Recovery

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king-house-signKing House, ASAC’s halfway house program for men in Clinton, recently provided services to a elderly man that was referred from outpatient treatment. The patient was residing in a care facility when he injured himself while under the influence of alcohol and was just beginning to walk again.  King House staff worked with both the outpatient counselor and care facility staff to get the patient into a primary residential substance abuse treatment facility so he could develop the basic recovery and relapse prevention skills.

After completing residential treatment the patient transferred to King House where he continued to strengthen his recovery skills and develop a positive and sober support network though the AA community. King House staff supported the patient’s recovery from a holistic prospective by helping the patient obtain a primary care provider and rehabilitation to address his physical health needs and to obtain a mental health provider to address his mental health needs; the patient had used alcohol in the past as a coping mechanism. King House staff also helped the patient with  his insurance, transportation, and SSI benefits issues. When the patient transitioned out of King House he no longer was utilizing a wheelchair; he was walking with support canes, he had supportive services in place for mental, physical, recovery, and basic needs and had almost 10 months of sobriety.