ASAC Honors Patient on Achieving Sobriety

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ASAC has been working with a 33-year-old woman with an Opioid Substance Use Disorder who has successfully transitioned out of residential and half way house treatment with the Heart of Iowa! She is currently living in a substance free apartment complex and participating in continuing care treatment with us. She was initially involved in the MAT Grant, getting the Vivitrol injections from November 2016 to July 18, 2017.

During this time, she has made unbelievable progress. She worked herself up the ranks at Chipotle to become a manager. At the same time, she was training to become a Parent Partner with the Department of Human Services! As we know, recovery comes first, and the manager position at Chipotle included lots of over time, so she decided it best for her recovery to leave that position and focus on being a Parent Partner. This is her true passion. Being a Parent Partner is working with other mothers who struggle with a substance use disorder.

In our patient’s personal life, she continues to make healthy choices and got her own Department of Human Services case successfully closed with her daughter. She began working full time as a Parent Partner and maintains a caseload of 15 mothers.

Our patient recognizes how working with other mothers with substance use disorders can take a toll on her mental health. She saw the need to ask for help when she was assisting a mother clean out prescription pills from her home. This situation triggered cravings and urges to use, so she asked for help on February 14, 2018. That day, she met with her counselor and then tracked the Medication Assisted Treatment Case Manager down.

Our MAT Case Manager helped her filled out an exception form to get her back on the MAT Grant. It was approved on February 20th. Our patient resumed the Vivitrol injections on February 21st!

She has her ups and downs but reaches out for support from her sponsor, a woman from church, her counselor, and our MAT Case Manager—utilizing the healthy coping skills she learned in treatment and a 12-step program.

Our patient is an excellent role model for women that are struggling with a substance use disorder. She is living life to the fullest; becoming a leader at Revolutions (Celebrate Recovery), attending 12-step social activities, going to church, participating in Bible studies, and has made healthy friends to hang out with. She recently became engaged to a man in recovery, and they are preparing to purchase a home for their family! In her opinion, all of this success is because of her sobriety, which was made possible with the assistance of ASAC and the MAT Grant.  Our patient’s belief is that her determination to turn her life around, ASAC services and the support of other people has saved her life. She is beyond grateful for everything and everyone who has touched her life in a positive way! A big “Congratulations!” from ASAC goes out to her and her family.